The Feed

The secret life of amazing food at Zingerman’s.

The Feed is a deeper look into the foods we sell at Zingerman’s. Each issue focuses on one product, telling the story of a traditional food like sun dried couscous from the Berbers of Tunisia or applewood smoked bacon made by the Nueske family in Wisconsin.

About Zingerman’s

Zingerman’s is a community of businesses, a family of small food-related companies and entrepreneurial ventures in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan. Read more about each of them here.

The Feed Writers

Val Neff-Rasmussen is a food finder and writer at Zingerman’s Mail Order. She writes most issues of The Feed, and has also written for The Art of Eating. Reach her at vneff-rasmussen@zingermans.com.

Brad Hedeman has been a food finder and writer at Zingerman’s Mail Order for over a decade. He authors Zingerman’s Enews. Reach him at bhedeman@zingermans.com.

Mo Frechette founded Zingerman’s Mail Order. You can reach him at moeats@zingermans.com