Illustration of a bottle of curry spices at a desk, ready to learn

Issue No. 127: Why are so many dishes called curry?

The origin of the word “curry” is like the story of “kangaroo”—it’s based on a British misunderstanding. Historians suggest that a few centuries ago the Tamil word kari referred to a spiced sauce or to black pepper. British colonizers took that term, anglicized it to “curry,” and used it to describe a wide range of […]

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Illustration of whole grain, flour, and our granite mill at Zingerman's Bakehouse

Issue No. 122: Whole grain pastries are more delicious. Wait, really?

For centuries, coarse, whole grain flours were the everyday norm for bread and porridge. White flours were a once-in-a-while treat for only the most special cakes or breads, reserved for the highest of holidays. As refined white flours became more readily available in the 20th century, Big Ag marketing departments promoted them by running a […]

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