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Issue No. 56: What gives meat flavor? Part 3: Animal welfare

Cory Carman is a fourth generation cattle rancher in eastern Oregon. Carman Ranch used to be a conventional operation: they raised calves until they were old enough to be trucked off to feedlots. When Cory took over the ranch a decade ago, she took it back to the sort of grass-fed holistic management her great-grandparents […]

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Issue No. 22: Tamworth Acorn Edition Prosciutto

Herb Eckhouse’s prosciutto is inspired by the time he spent living in Parma, Italy. A few years back, though, Herb turned his attention to Spain. Acorn-fed pork is an old tradition in Spain, where Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is renowned as one of the country’s culinary crown jewels. The acorn-heavy diet has an incredible effect […]

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Issue No. 17: That Italian Salami? It’s Not Italian

It’s been a dirty little secret for decades. The Italian salamis all of us merchants sell aren’t Italian. Also, the Spanish ones aren’t Spanish. The French ones aren’t French. In fact, none of them are what they seem. That’s because, with a handful of exceptions, foreign salamis are not allowed in the United States. We […]

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